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An Unexpected Weight Gain

Tuesdays are my weigh in day for Weight Watchers. I weigh in at home without clothes before I get in the shower and record that weight in my app (since I originally started with Weight Watchers Online, and that was my routine). Since joining Weight Watchers At Work, I also have a weigh in at 11:30 before our meeting. That weight is usually about 3-4 pounds more than my morning weight. All that to say, I’m never that surprised when I do my  meeting weigh in because I know what the trend for the week has been.

I had a GREAT week last week. I ran over 10 miles (I can’t believe I’m writing that), and while I had some hot adult beverages at the Christmas market and overdid it a bit on Friday, I still had 36 activity points left. I usually eat my activity points, so I was expecting a loss…at the very least to maintain.

Nope, I was up 1.1 pounds. When I got to the weigh in, I announced to my leader (Heather), “I’m prepared for a gain today, but I’m going to assume it’s because I’ve been pushing myself so much with running and working out that my muscles are retaining water.” Once she logged the weight, she told me that could absolutely be it, and told me that when she started running her weight went up and down for awhile too. So, this gain was unexpected, but I’m not going to stress about it. I’m just going to continue to follow the plan and complete my holiday fitness streak.

There was some great news at the meeting though. This session started about 6 weeks ago, and two of my co-workers from my department joined for the first time. They’re both young and child-free, so I can identify with them more than most of the people in our meeting. I’m so glad they’re there. Anyway, they both hit their 5% this week! I’m so proud of them—and amazed. It took me five months to reach 5%.  But it’s their journey, not mine…and I’m glad they’re having success.

The monthly routine for December is to never leave the house without a snack, so we talked a lot about healthy, easy, portable snack options. Heather said something awesome: One of the great things about living in Wisconsin is that your car becomes your refrigerator for a few months. Excellent point! When shopping (or at work), you can confidently leave your refrigerated snacks in your car (in a cooler to be extra safe) and they’ll be plenty cold when you get back.

My snacks don’t vary all that much. I have a 0% Chobani strawberry yogurt in the afternoon, and I generally have a piece of fruit in the morning. I think I might need to give this some though though, and have more substantial snacks along with lighter meals.

What are your go-to snacks?

Holiday Fitness Streak – Day 5

I had a pretty great moment at work today. There are about 20 co-workers that attend our Weight Watchers at Work meetings, but I don’t work with most of them on a daily basis (over 700 people work in my building). I’ll occasionally pass them in the hallway or outside on the sidewalk (many of us walk during our breaks), but I’m lucky to get a smile or a nod from them. Today, I passed one of the members in the hall twice while we were both walking in opposite directions. She said hi the first time, and the second time she asked me about my 5K and gave me a high five when I told her I finished. Yay!

I came home tonight, ate a quesadilla, and waited for my stomach to settle before going for a run. I can’t believe how filling the quesadilla was. I used two La Tortilla Factory high fiber tortillas, 1/2 cup of smashed black beans, 1/2 cup of reduced fat shredded cheese, and guacamole and salsa on the side. It was 13 PointsPlus, and I was stuffed!

After an hour, I headed out for my run. My goal was to run at least 5K without stopping; I’m trying not to worry about pace right now. I had to stop briefly twice for a stoplight, but I didn’t feel bad about that, because my legs and lungs were strong. I was happy to see that although I slowed down in the middle, I was able to pick up the pace at the end. (Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to worry about pace, but I also want to challenge myself). This was my longest run yet, in both time and distance—3.53 miles in 51:11. I can’t believe I can run for almost an hour.

Pace Chart


3 mile splits


Day 5 of the holiday fitness streak is a success! 50 minutes of running and a 30 minute lunchtime walk earned me 15 activity points. My weigh in is tomorrow and I’m definitely not hungry tonight, so I’ll be ending the week using all of my weekly points, but with 36 activity points remaining. I earned 49 activity points this week! I think that might be an all-time high.

Last but not least, I’m excited that I made it into the Motivational Monday post on Runs For Cookies. I’ve been binge reading the blog for the last few weeks. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog; Katie’s blog is so inspiring, I’m hoping mine can be like that for at least one person. Check out the post for success stories from all over.

How I Survived Thanksgiving

My Weight Watchers meeting before Thanksgiving was actually pretty depressing. We had spent three weeks talking about ways to maintain or lose during the holidays, but almost everyone seemed resigned to having a gain the next week (I’m interested to see what our group weight loss is on Tuesday).

I, however, was looking forward to Thanksgiving. This was my second Thanksgiving on Weight Watchers—I had decided to join the day before Thanksgiving last year, so it was my first day tracking in 2012. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. I did ok last year, but the meal was held at my in-laws so I had to estimate my PointsPlus for each item. This year, I was hosting. My family never does the “bring a dish to pass” type of Thanksgiving, so I had control of almost the entire menu.

I did three things to prepare that were key to my success:

  • I planned a menu full of the type of foods we’ve come to enjoy on Thanksgiving and found Weight Watchers-friendly recipes for them.
  • I purchased Weight Watchers serving spoons so I would be able to monitor my portions correctly.
  • I signed up to run a Drumstick Dash 5K to get my activity in early (I joked that I was just running for pie).

Here’s the menu I chose:

The food was absolutely delicious.

Thanksgiving TurkeyRosemary Biscuits

Cranberry Pear SaucePumpkin Pie

I had a schedule that I followed. I prepared the pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and mashed the potatoes/parsnips (without adding dairy) the day before, Mom made the biscuits while I was showering after the race, and then we put in the turkey and finished up everything else. I set out a small buffet of snacks for my family during the day to serve as lunch, but I also put out the food scale and measured what I put on my plate (a few pieces of cheese and sausage, carrots with hummus, and lots of grapes).

At dinner, I only ate what I had pre-tracked. I put everything out buffet style in the kitchen—not on the table—so I wouldn’t be tempted to grab just a little more. My family was happy to get up to get their seconds, but I didn’t need to. I found that I was actually too full for pie right away, and had to wait to eat it until later. Here’s what my dinner plate looked like:

Thanksgiving Plate Weight Watchers

This plate was 21 PointsPlus. I also had a glass of milk and some coffee/creamer with my pie, so the total for the evening was 24. My daily total was 41—over my daily target of 28, but I had plenty of weekly points to use.

My biggest challenge was actually they day after Thanksgiving. For some reason, I just wanted to snack all day! I ended up eating lunch at the German Christmas Market (it was sensible, my mom shared a 3-sausage plate with Aaron and I), but then I had second lunch when we got home. And then I had a ridiculous snack of graham crackers and cool whip lite and hot chocolate. But, I ate a really light dinner, we walked to the Christmas market, and I did 30 Day Shred before I went to bed. Friday ended with a daily point total of 52. I was still within my weekly points, and I had a bank of activity points. I’m writing this on Sunday, and I still have plenty of activity points (and will earn more) before my week resets on Tuesday.

How did your Thanksgiving go? Do you have any successes or strategies to share? Yesterday I was running and listening to the Half Size Me podcast about surviving the holidays (episode 93). There are some good ideas there as well!