A 7 Mile Weekend

I skipped my scheduled Thursday 3-mile run, so I promised myself I would make up the mileage before the end of the week. I’m happy to report that I did!

On Saturday, I went to school to work on my dissertation with some classmates, then picked up some accessories  I needed for Aaron’s work party next weekend, and stopped off at the gym before dinner. I did three miles on the treadmill, listening to my updated Spotify workout playlist.

3 mile pace chartThis chart really tells a story. I ran well for the first mile—the drop at about .75 is when I had to quickly hop off the treadmill to adjust the fans. Every other drop (6 of them!) are times I wanted to quit. My mind just didn’t want to stick it out on the treadmill (so boring!), but I refused to let my feet leave the belt. I started looking for really driving songs, and you’ll see that my second-to-last running interval was much higher faster than all the others—that’s when I listened to Magic by B.O.B. and decided to match my strides to the music. I think this might be a good strategy for my speed workouts.

Alone With The TreadmillsI did my best work of the workout when I was all alone on the treadmills.

Today, it was time for my long run. I got ready for the gym, but went to the grocery store first (in Wisconsin, the car makes a perfectly good refrigerator in the winter). I noticed that all the other neighborhood roads appeared to be clear—except for the part in front of our house. It was a balmy 30 degrees outside today, so I came right home from the store and decided to do my run outside.

I didn’t have a route planned, but now that my Nike+ app is tracking distance correctly, I figured I’d just run through some adjacent neighborhoods until I hit four miles. For the first mile, I felt like I was running even slower than normal. My legs normally have a day of rest before my long runs, but rearranging my schedule this week changed that. There were also section of road where I was running through slush or snow, and I felt like I was running in place. I was completely shocked when the voice in my ear at mile 1 told me I ran it in 14:10.

I tried to hold my pace steady, but ended up clocking 15:05 and 15:22. I was still under a 15:00 mile average pace, and I wanted to keep it that way. About two minutes into my last mile, I turned off the podcast and turned on my workout playlist. It helped me kick it up a notch and finish the last mile in 14:13.

That meant the time for my four mile run was 58:58! I was ecstatic to finish in less than an hour. Speed is relative, right? 🙂 I took my celebratory picture from the couch.

Happy on the Couch After 4 MilesI’m glad I got to run outside today. Looking at the forecast, I’ll be lucky if I get to run outside again next weekend, but definitely not before then. Saturday is the Runs for Cookies 5K, and I really hope that I can do that on the pavement instead of the treadmill.

4 thoughts on “A 7 Mile Weekend

  1. YES YES YES! It’s super hard to get out there and run on tired legs so you ROCK for doing that. And four miles to boot???? GO YOU!
    I’m doing the Runs For Cookies 5K, too and hopefully running it outdoors. Gotta love Midwest winters, huh?
    I snorted/laughed when I read the bit about your car working as a fridge in the winter. TRUE STORY. Man, sometimes it’s too cold out in the car and you have to be careful using it as a fridge. The outdoors also works as a fridge the night of a party if your run out of fridge space for pop or beer. Again, can’t leave it out too long!

  2. Woo!!! That’s awesome! Four miles is a tough distance mentally (I think) since it’s just that much further than a 5k. You upped your pace, on tired legs, in less than ideal conditions. I’m doing the Runs for Cookies 5k too, although the way it’s looking around here, it’s going to be a treadmill race. I hope the weather cooperates for you!

    1. They keep talking about a “second polar vortex” on the radio, so maybe I’ll be on the treadmill as well 🙁

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