A Runner Starts Over: Day 2

It’s absolutely gorgeous outside. 60+ degrees, sunshine, birds chirping, slight breeze. Great day for a run, right? Not for someone who has spent the last few months “detraining” (shout out to Lisa for posting that link on Facebook). Today was Week 1, Day 2 of the 5K Runner program. The workout looks simple: 5 min warmup, eight 1 min run/1.5 min walk intervals, 5 min cooldown. It was not.

5 minute warmup? Piece of cake. (mmm… cake.)

The first running interval was fine. The second one was ok. The third one was manageable. Every single one after that was quite difficult. However, by the looks of the pace chart, I wasn’t losing much steam on them, which is good.

April 15 Pace Chart

I’m kind of second-guessing myself that I somehow only did 7 intervals, but I think the longer one in the beginning is two intervals in one, somehow. The time matches up for me to have gotten them all in. A thought ran through my mind while I was running the final interval that is almost too embarrassing to share, but here it goes: The one-minute interval literally felt as hard as the last straightaway of my half marathon. In the race, I had been running for over 3 hours at that point in direct sun. Today, I’d been doing intervals for about 24 minutes. Sheesh.

April 15 Run Photo

And that is how I feel about that. Maybe it has something to do with the massive amount of cheese curds I mindlessly ate yesterday afternoon. If it wasn’t for the activity I’ve gotten this week, I’d be “in the red” on my Weight Watchers points, but thanks to Activity Points, I’m barely hanging on.

Speaking of activity, I have a new toy for cross training! Aaron and I went and looked at bikes on Monday night, and we each found one that we liked. They were crazy busy that night and they needed to install some stuff on mine (light, water bottle holder, kickstand—those don’t come standard anymore!), so I picked them up yesterday afternoon. Aaron was gone all night at boot camp and soccer, so I went out for a solo ride to break it in.

I meant to spend most of my time on the Lake Country Trail, which is paved and almost completely flat, but the section near my house is under construction. Once I realized this, I turned around and decided to bike around Lac la Belle instead. We have so many beautiful lakes by our house … I look forward to exploring them by bike this summer.

April 14 Bike Photo

I took a pit stop around the halfway mark to snap a picture. I may have also swallowed a bug. Biking around the lake turned out to be a bit less flat than my planned trail route, so I got a lot of practice switching gears. Any experienced area cyclists will probably laugh reading this, but any incline is new to this biker!

One nice thing about the bike is I can cover so much distance, and I know I can expect to speed up over time. Here’s what last night’s ride looked like.

April 14 Bike Map

Sadly, I’m almost at the end of my staycation. We’ll close it out with a visit to the Crafty Cow tonight so Aaron can try some special beers on tap, and then it’s back to work tomorrow. But just for two days!

5 thoughts on “A Runner Starts Over: Day 2

  1. You have quite the sense of humor! Love your “after” workout photo – guess it’s something only a mother could love. Wish I was there to play with you

  2. I’m so happy you bought a bike! You’re going to really love the cross-training and the sight-seeing. It’s a great mix… just be sure to extra stretch out those hammies and hip flexors. The bike destroy both, especially with running.

    1. I really need to get better at stretching and general. Two runs and one bike so far this week and I haven’t stretched at all.

  3. Just like it is super easy to gain weight back, it is crazy how super easy it is to lose all that running endurance. Good for you for getting back on the horse and giving it your all! I’m glad you are blogging again!

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