A Snowy Night Run

My car slid all over the roads on the way home. I rolled through one stop sign when I was going just a smidge too fast. This means that the roads were snow/slush covered—not exactly prime running conditions. BUT it was only 17 degrees outside, there was once again no wind, and the inch or so of snow we got today was really fluffy. So, I convinced myself that I would run on the sidewalks in our neighborhood. Who cares if people hadn’t shoveled—it was soft, fluffy snow!

Well, that thought ended about three houses down when I stumbled on uneven snow and realized this particular neighbor hadn’t bothered to shovel after Saturday’s snowfall either. There are a few neighbors that clearly haven’t shoveled their sidewalk all month. Then, there are a few empty lots that haven’t had a sidewalk shoveled all winter.

So, I zig-zagged from sidewalk to street, trying to find the area with the best chance for solid footing. I abandoned the plan to run two laps around my block and ventured into the adjacent neighborhood, hoping for better conditions. Nope. I ended up back at my house with .15 miles left to go, so I overshot home and ran until the sidewalk ended (AKA someone decided it wasn’t their job to shovel the sidewalk of the home they moved into earlier this winter), then turned around and overshot the house again until I hit two miles. Take a moment and imagine me running back and forth on the street in front of our house, slowly, as I trudge through the snow. I hope it made you smile.

February 12 run photoThe pace was slower than last night, but I was working just as hard, if not harder.

February 12 Pace ChartSee where the pace drops after I’ve finished about half a mile? That’s where I ran out of shoveled sidewalks for good, and was mostly running in the slushy street. The first mile was 14:10. The second was 15:14.

I’ve got 3 miles + strength training on the schedule tomorrow. While the temperature should be in high 20’s, we’re supposed to get more snow. I’ll probably end up at the gym; it will make the strength training easier, I suppose.

4 thoughts on “A Snowy Night Run

  1. This is true dedication, Liz! You’ve become such an inspiration and have pushed me to get healthier by setting such a great example (although I still won’t run in the snow like you do 🙂

    I really love reading about your runs.

  2. That made me laugh. GO YOU!

    I found a street in my sub that was plowed and crystal clear and DRY and ran back and forth on it three times. I thought, “man if someone looks out their window at me they are going to think I’m nuts!”. But, it’s worth it, right?

    It will be spring soon. It will be spring soon. It will be spring soon.

    And then we can bond over complaining about dodging slushy puddles!

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