A Week of Running & A Weigh In

I didn’t really get around to blogging last week, but I was still running!

On Tuesday morning I had my weekly Weight Watchers weigh in and was down another 1.8 pounds. Although I’ve been following the Weight Watchers plan, I eat almost every single point given to me (daily, weekly, and activity). That his historically led to slower weight loss—about .4 pounds per week. Since upping my running schedule to 4 days per week, I’ve been around a pound or more per week, still eating all my points. I like this change!

3 miles on January 21

Tuesday night was 3 miles as scheduled. I posted this photo on Facebook with the message “every day I could quit, and every day I choose not to.” I felt like quitting a lot, but I kept plodding along. I conquered this run by running .5 mile intervals with a short walk in between, and I kicked it up a notch to finish strong.

January 21 pace chartOn Wednesday I had two miles on the schedule, so I did them as a 4×400 speed workout, with the running intervals at 5.0 mph (my normal treadmill pace is 3.9-4.1). This is the second time I’ve done these intervals, and while I wouldn’t call them easy, they were definitely easier than the first time. I imagine in a week or two I’ll be able to increase the speed a bit. I felt like a rockstar when I finished.

January 22 intervals

Thursday was a scheduled 3 mile run, but I honestly didn’t feel like it. I decided (just like last week) that I would move my Thursday run to Saturday, which fit perfectly with the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K. I wrote a separate post for that, since it was technically a race.

On Saturday night I attended my husband’s annual work party, and two of the colleagues/spouses I’ve known for years commented on how good I looked and/or how proud of me they were for sticking with my running. That made me feel great!

Then, today I had to do the 4 mile “long run” for the week. We’re heading into another polar vortex (this winter will never end!), so it was back on the treadmill. My strategy for this was to run for 10 minutes, then walk for 2 minutes. I did that twice, then ran 10 and walked 6, and did a couple shorter intervals to finish it up. In the end, this resulted in a 3:1 running to walking ratio. Not bad for the stinking treadmill.

January 26 pace chart

January 26 four milesSo, that was my week. We’ll see if I can stick to my Tu-W-Th-Sat schedule next week…and then I officially start half marathon training!

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  1. Wow! I haven’t yet been brave enough to do intervals. It looks like you crushed them! Are you excited about the half marathon training? Congrats on the continued weight loss!

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