A Weigh-In, A Run & A Race Announcement

Today is Tuesday…weigh in day! Last week I spent 4 days counting PointsPlus and 3 days doing the Simple Start/Simply Filling plan. I was very pleased to see that I had lost 1.1 pounds. Happy dance! My 12-week weigh in chart makes me feel pretty good too. Take that, holiday season!
Weight Watchers Weight ChartTonight we had blizzard-like conditions, so I was destined for the treadmill. I got my three miles done, interval style. For the last two minutes I kept pushing the speed up .1 mph every 30 seconds until I finished. I felt like I was flying at the end (for those of you keep track at home, that means I was up to a whopping 4.4 mph—my Mom can walk that fast). For some reason, my abs were quite sore towards the end of the run. Maybe because I’ve been trying to work on my form/posture?

That's my "Ow, my abs hurt" faceAnd finally…I committed to do another race today. I already have the big half marathon on the schedule for May 10. My friend Deb has been strongly hinting that I should do the Ragnar Chicago Relay with her team this year, and I finally said yes. So, June 6-7 I’ll be hanging out with Deb and 10 strangers as we run a relay race from Madison to Chicago via Milwaukee. I’ve been promised one of the shorter legs, so I’ll likely be running just a tad more than half marathon distance—but spread out over 3 runs in 36 hours. I barely recognize who I’m becoming, but I like it.


5 thoughts on “A Weigh-In, A Run & A Race Announcement

  1. Wow – that is fabulous! You’re doing great. Can’t wait to run Ragnar with you. Our team is so excited to have you as a Soaring Schoolyard Eagle!

  2. I am swelling with pride and in awe of your many accomplishments. You’re an inspiration to so many people, me not being the least. Rather than a blog, I think you ought to write a book!

  3. There’s a Ragnar in chicago?!?! That is awesome! I’ve wanted to do one of those but they’re always in Florida or California. Good for you!

    The best way for me to keep up with training is to sign up for a race.

    1. Yup! Starts in Madison, WI and ends in Chicago. If it goes well, maybe I’ll think if traveling for one some day.

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