Another Encouraging Weigh In & 4.5 Miles

I feel like I am tempting fate in regards to my diet and weekly weigh ins. First things first, the scale was very encouraging. I lost .8 pounds last week. How, I’m not quite sure.

Over the course of the week in addition to some healthy meals I ate Chinese for dinner twice (although it was fairly sensible broccoli with garlic sauce), three single-serving Haagan Dazs cups, a small order of french fries and a chocolate chip cookie from the office cafeteria, a full bomber of Crispin “The Saint” hard cider, a completely unportioned Thai dinner with friends that I guesstimated at 20 points, and half of a 16″ pepperoni pizza (over the course of three meals). And a chocolate chip cookie I got at the car dealership.

I also ran 11.5 miles. I’m really beginning to think that running is magical.

Still, the math doesn’t really add up. I consumed every daily point, all 49 weekly points, all of the 32 activity points I earned…and then 14 more points just for good measure. I tracked every morsel. I was completely on track on Monday and drank a lot of water, and was down pleasantly surprised with my weight this morning. I’m really going to focus on getting back on track and staying within my points this week. I think.

Food Log

A friend of mine sent me a Facebook message and asked me what I eat every day. Contrary to the junk I just listed, I usually eat pretty healthy. Since I’m going to stop going to Weight Watchers meetings (I don’t like the new leader at work) and focus on the online program, I think posting my daily menu here (after I eat it—not just what I plan to eat) will be good for accountability. So, here’s what today looked like:

Breakfast: Morning glory muffin & light string cheese (in the car) with black tea
Snack: English muffin & 21 g peanut butter (unplanned; purchased in the cafeteria because I was ravenous at 10:00) and about a cup of homemade, unsweetened apple sauce, Diet Coke.
Lunch: Chickpea & olive pasta salad with feta cheese, over approximately 2 cups of greens. Twix bar (unplanned, vending machine). Diet Coke.
Snack: 1/2 cup FF greek yogurt with 1T apple butter, 4 little mandarin oranges. Green tea.
Dinner: 4 oz salmon patty, 1/2 cup WW couscous, 1 cup broccoli, 1/4 cup homemade peach salsa. Raspberry Ice Crystal Light.

Total: 42 Weight Watchers points (daily target is 26 & I get 49 weeklies + activity points)

I earned some points as well, because I went on a run! My 4.5 treadmill workout took me an hour and 10 minutes, which earned me 11 activity points. I think I’m going to change my tracker to use activity points before weekly points so I have a better picture of what I really have left for the week. It’s depressing when the weeklies are gone after a couple days, but when I’m earning 30+ activity points a week that can be ok.

Today’s Run

I’m not sure if I can call today’s run a run. I definitely did some running, but I was so bored on the treadmill, my pace chart looked like this:
March 25 Pace ChartEverything over the middle of the chart was a run (including the whole first mile), but then I started playing games. My lungs and legs were fine, but I was staring at a post in front of me and didn’t know how I was going to mentally last 4.5 miles. I ran whenever Britney Spears came on, and walked at 3.5 with a progressive incline when the song was about butts (gotta work the glutes!). I was slightly conflicted when the song was about Britney’s butt, though. When the song mentioned running, I ran. When it was motivational, I ran. When it was sort of lame, I walked (and then skipped ahead to something better). At one point DMX was on, and I was thinking about how running to the beat of a song kind of feels like dancing (I’m much better at running with a cadence than dancing). What do you think other racers in the half marathon would think if I just busted out singing/yelling, “Ya’ll gonna make me lose my mind—up in here, up in here” while I was on the course?

Whatever it was that I did, I was a sweaty beast by the end of it.

March 25 PhotoAlso, lesson learned: Don’t go on a treadmill run in a shirt that’s just a smidge too small for you and pants that are just about falling off. The shirt will ride up while the pants fall down, and well… no one wants to see that.


6 thoughts on “Another Encouraging Weigh In & 4.5 Miles

  1. Liz, thanks! Joined WW 2 weeks ago, doing their new simple start program. Loved your post! I’m down 3 after a NASPA splurge. C

  2. Those kind of interval runs are really good for you. Once a week I sprint a mile, then I lower it to a slow jog (which I think is more painful/difficult than running on a treadmill) and I work the incline up 1% every minute until I hit 8 or 9% then I decrease it 1% every 30 seconds until I am back at 1% then I sprint another mile and repeat again. I’ve also added a consistant day of speed work to my running – same thing without messing around with hills/incline. I’ve noticed a huge impact on my long distance pace since I’ve started this! Keep it up!

    I’ve had to catch myself from busting out some Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us 🙂 I’ll have to check out some Brittney.

    1. Can’t Hold Us is one of my absolute favorite running songs! It’s impossible for me to walk through it.

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