Back On The Horse

I took an entire week off from running after my half marathon. That wasn’t exactly planned, but I don’t feel bad about doing it. This morning I woke up without an alarm prior to 7:00 a.m., so I made a deal with myself: If I got up and ran, I could have an asparagus omelet (first asparagus of the year!). So, that’s what I did.

Temps were in the high 40’s and set to rise, so I pulled on some capris and my half marathon finisher shirt and was out the door by 7:30 a.m. I didn’t have any expectations for this run, so I set my Nike+ app to only tell me distance (not time or pace). And, for the first time ever on a solo run, I didn’t take headphones. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and I just wanted to experience it.

I headed out on one of my 5K routes. It took me a bit to get used to not hearing music. I could actually hear my breathing, and my feet pounding the pavement. Early on, I ran into another runner … and he was the only person I saw my entire run. Was it really that early? I felt great when I hit the one mile mark. I kept waiting for my knees to hurt, but they didn’t. I pressed forward. As I ran, I was thinking about the Ragnar Relay, which I’ll be running in less than three weeks. I also thought about how I want to train for my next half marathon.

As I thought more and more about running, I ran faster. Without having my pace in my ear every half mile, I didn’t have any sense of how fast I was going. I was thinking that it would be nice to PR a 5K this morning, which would mean I need to be going about 14:00 or so. Then, after mile 2, I just kept getting faster. I was thinking about Ragnar, which I long ago had estimated I could run at a 13:00 pace. That would be a stretch for me right now. I decided to push it until I reached mile 3, and then walk the few blocks home (no .11 for me, so no 5K PR).

When I saw my average pace, I was a little disappointed. Only 13:49? I felt like I was going faster than that. Then I checked my splits. My last mile was definitely faster than that. It was 1:28 faster than my first mile.

May 18 Splits

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pace chart that continued to speed up so consistently.

May 18 Pace Chart

There was one other thing that was on my mind during the last two miles of my run—how much my torso itched! Note to self: Don’t wear a race shirt before washing it. I’ve done this before, but that was in the winter when I had another shirt on under it. I was pretty uncomfortable most of this run, and my upper body was completely pink when I took the shirt off.

Today was a good run. I need to jump right back into a regular running schedule (3-4 times per week) between now and the Ragnar Relay, and I need to take advantage of Memorial Day weekend to do some back-to-back and/or two-a-day runs.

May 18 Run Photo

Today was a good day! I was home and showered earlier than I got out of bed on Saturday morning. Then, I made a beef curry, cleaned the kitchen, got some gardening done, and made a delicious dinner. We had garlic sea salt sourdough crostini topped with morels, asparagus, and parmesan cheese, with a side of asparagus freshly harvested from my garden.

Morel & Asparagus CrostiniWeight loss update: I weighed in down .7 pounds on Tuesday. I’m still working on the pound that won’t go away. I was .4 pounds down from that before my run today. But, even if that loss sticks around until Tuesday, I’m still .4 pounds away from my all-time low on April 8. I can’t wait to get over that hump, although I’m not acting like it. I’m consistently going over my points each week, and not tracking everything like I should. Getting back to regular runs throughout the week should help jumpstart my weight loss, I think. That, and getting back to meal planning and tracking.

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