Cookie Dough Is Evil

Yesterday was my weigh-in. I use my morning weight (without clothes) as the official weight in my Weight Watchers app, but also weigh in right before lunch at my meeting. Whenever I refer to a change in weight here, it will be based on my at-home weight.

It wasn’t good. I gained .9 pounds. I stayed within my points last week (just barely), so all I can think of is I did a poor job estimating points. When I went to the party on Saturday, I was doing really well…and then a late-comer brought out chocolate chip cookie dough dip with graham crackers. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I told myself I’d only try one bite, but I kept going back for more. Since we vote on the best dish at our parties, I felt like I had to try it…but thinking back, I should have just stayed away.

My weight loss has been erratic over the last month:

11/26: -3.5

12/3: +1.1

12/10: -2.7

12/17: +.9

I didn’t weigh in on 11/19 because I had the stomach flu. So, from 11/12 to 12/17 I’ve lost 4.2 pounds. Now that I’m writing that out, it really doesn’t seem that bad. Thanksgiving was in there, and I’m still averaging .84 pounds per week. I’m a slow loser, and I’ve averaged about .5 pounds per week since joining Weight Watchers.

I’m glad I wrote this blog post—I’m still not happy with a gain, but at least I had a chance to step back and examine my progress.  I’d like to erase this week’s gain and then some by year’s end….so I’m hoping for a total of 1.5 pounds lost between now and New Year’s Eve. That would mean I just need to keep going with last month’s average weight loss for the next three weeks.