Does Protein Oatmeal Taste Good?

That’s the first thought I had when I read some of the recommended meals on the New Rules of Lifting for Women nutrition program. It advocated making old fashioned oats as you normally would, then stirring in a scoop of protein powder and 1/2 cup of milk. I was skeptical. But I tried it.

Turns out, it’s pretty good (I also added dried strawberries). I use vanilla protein powder, so it gives it a little sweetness. It’s my go-to breakfast of the moment, and clocks in at 305 calories and 25 grams of protein. This morning I chose to eat the protein oatmeal I brought to work instead of the fresh doughnuts offered for a co-worker’s going away part. Now THAT is promising.

I didn’t quite hit my 2000 calorie goal today. Before my workout I was just over 200 calories short. This is likely because I didn’t plan my meals, and once again I was too busy running from meeting to meeting in the morning to eat my snack, so it got combined with lunch. I still didn’t feel hungry at any point in the day, and after sitting around on the couch for a few hours I went downstairs to do my strength workout.

Deadlift. Nailed it (although some of you would laugh when you see what I’m currently lifting). Shoulder press. Nailed it (need to get some heavier dumbbells). Lat pulldown. Nailed it (as much as I could while substituting a resistance band for a cable station). Lunges.

Ugh, I hate the lunges. I wish they would go back to Jazzercise or Sweating to the Oldies or wherever they came from.

I think I made progress, though. I know my form was terrible, and I think I was trying to take my trailing leg back to far. It still is like pulling teeth to get through two sets of 15, and I was only holding 5-pound weights.

And, a few crunches on the fitness ball. Easy peasy. My reward:

Post Workout Protein ShakeI need to get some bananas and fruit juice in the house so I can start playing with my flavors. This one was strawberry, again. Or, I could get chocolate and do a choco-peanut butter one. I sense some fun with shakes in the future. Unfortunately, I’m traveling for work during my next workout (possibly two), which means I’ll be grabbing a Slim Fast or something at a convenience store. Ick. But I do what the program says.

Today’s Totals:

2,003 calories
254 g carbohydrates
57 g fat
139 g protein
1 strength workout

I’m on the road for the next five days to attend a conference. Hoping to stick as close to my meal plan as possible, but will definitely need to figure out a plan for my 200-250 calorie morning and afternoon snacks. What they normally provide at conferences (cookies, brownies, muffins, etc.) will not fly!

3 thoughts on “Does Protein Oatmeal Taste Good?

  1. I LOVE protein oatmeal! Other variations I’ve tried is exchanging milk for water or a light-n-fit low fat yogurt. I’ve also added fresh and frozen berries (depending on the season) and flax seed now and then. I prep them in individual containers weekly and it’s a no-brainer breakfast!

  2. I just cannot handle protein powder but glad you like it! Man, your workout sounds pretty bad ass. Nice work!
    A lot of conveinance stores these days carry some sort of protein shake. I see Muscle Milk at 7-11 so hopefully you an find something better than a slimfast shake. AND, they also carry protein bars and stuff so maybe some of those for snacks?

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