Finally, A Day Of Healthy Eating

I did it! I didn’t cave and eat a Twix bar, doughnut, peanut butter bar, cake, or other calorie-laden treat today. AND, I did it while having hardly any groceries in the house.

Breakfast: Kashi Trail Mix granola bar, light string cheese, fruit salad, coffee w/ skim milk

Lunch: Green salad topped with pickled veggies scavenged from the refrigerator (radishes, beets, green beans) and goat cheese, 1.85 oz pumpernickel toast topped with 2 T almond butter

Snack: 4 oz fat-free greek yogurt with 1 T homemade peach jam

Dinner: 1 cup quinoa & dehydrated tomatoes, roasted asparagus, baby bok choy, and sauteed greens, topped with a fried egg.

Dessert: Raspberry popsicle

Total: 30 Weight Watchers PointsPlus.

I should have gotten some activity in, but it was raining and I’m using that as an excuse. Tomorrow is a run day.

Quinoa & Spring VeggiesWasn’t dinner gorgeous? I love how orange the yolks of my Three Brothers Farm eggs are.

I feel especially good about this because I didn’t have any of my meals planned out in advance, and still managed to pull something together. Let’s see if I can repeat this tomorrow.


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