Finally, A Good Run!

After many days with below zero temps, it was 20 degrees outside when I got home from work. I was excited to go on a run through my neighborhood. The temperature was perfect, the streets were empty, and I felt great. During my last few treadmill runs, I’ve run at 4.0 mph and had to stop after about a mile to walk for a few minutes —I didn’t have to stop at all on this run (although I did stop for a couple seconds to introduce myself to a new neighbor).

I listened to the Everyday Runners podcast, which was the perfect length for this run. I highly recommend it. It’s exactly what it sounds like—stories from people for whom running is a hobby, not a job. The guy that was interviewed on this episode had run over 100 marathons! I’m looking forward to stories from “normal” runners that have just met a goal to run a 5K, 10K, or half marathon.

I really like running outside. I can’t wait until I can drop the gym membership…hopefully just a couple more months.

Three Mile Run Outside

One thought on “Finally, A Good Run!

  1. That sounds like an interesting podcast. I don’t know if I could listen to one when I run. I don’t need music but I like to get inside my own head while I run.

    Running outdoors is a million times better than a gym. Here’s hoping it warms up sooner rather than later.

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