First Back-To-Back Run Days

Since my first 5K training run on September 23 (during which I ran a whopping 6 minutes total), I’ve always had at least one, if not two days between every run. I’ve consistently run 3 days per week since then. When I officially start training for my half marathon, I’ll have to run four times per week, which three back to back runs. I’ll also (of course) have to work up to progressively longer “long runs” on the weekends.

This weekend I took a step towards both of these things. On Friday I was super antsy at work, and since I didn’t carpool I actually had freedom to leave early. So, I took the afternoon off and decided to take advantage of the gorgeous (30 degree) weather. I got home and mapped out a long run, which for me currently is 4 miles. I tried to do this at as easy of a pace as possible, and completed it in an hour (15:00 pace). 95% of the pavement was clear, but I learned that I’m not a fan of the 5% that wasn’t AT ALL. Whether it’s packed down snow or messy slush, I don’t like winter weather on the roads. That makes me glad I invested in the gym membership.

I’m glad I took to time so I could get out on the road in the sunlight and do this. I forgot to take a photo until I was inside the house.

Post-Run PhotoI then settled on the couch to watch Run For Your Life (free on Amazon Instant if you are a Prime member), a documentary about the founder and long-time director of the New York Marathon. It was an excellent film.

Today I got up and was greeted with another beautiful weather forecast. I thought about running, but knew that today was supposed to be a rest day. Instead, I headed to Brookfield to pick up our race packets for the Run Into the New Year 5K. When I got home, I started watching another running movie—Hood to Coast—about a 12-person team relay race in Oregon similar to the Ragnar I’m considering running in June. (Clearly, I’m on a running movie kick.) About half way through the movie I paused it and decided I needed to go for a run. I threw on some running gear, intending to run a couple of miles around our block (which happens to be a perfect mile). About 2 minutes in, I decided to just go for a quick mile. It looks like running on tired legs is going to take some getting used to.

My Nike+ app decided to randomly pause towards the end of my workout (which is also did yesterday—UGH!), so I quickly re-created my time by looking at what music I listened to during my run. I think I ran a 12:40 mile, which is excellent for me. However, I know I can’t run a 5K at that pace yet. I’m hoping for a 42:00 – 43:00 5K next week. Not speedy by any means, but I’m much more concerned with building up my mileage than speed, right now.

So, 2 runs in 24 hours. Neat. Tonight the arctic cold comes in, so if I decide to do my scheduled Sunday run it will be on the treadmill. Current forecast for the 5K: 7 degrees…which is much warmer than the 3 degrees that was forecasted yesterday 🙂