First Run Post Injury

Today was a pretty awesome day. I went for a run. It was only one mile, but my ankle didn’t hurt. I huffed and puffed a bit more than usual, but I expect that to take care of itself in a week or so. AND, I didn’t lose any ground as far as my pace was concerned (today’s mile was 13:14) and I didn’t feel like I was pushing it at all.

June 11 Run Photo

I’ve already created my running schedule for the rest of the month. I’ll do two miles on Friday, three miles on Sunday, and then settle into 3-5 miles, three times per week for the rest of the month. Two days per week I’ll either take a one-hour walk or go to the local state park for a hike, and one day per week will be a rest day. I’m also plugging along with the 30 Day Ab Challenge. Although it’s June 11, I’m on day 10 because I completely spaced out and missed Monday’s workout. I figure I’ll just skip an upcoming rest day, so I should be back on track in two days.

In other awesome news, there is a strong possibility that the pound of doom is gone. I somehow managed to lose 2.6 pounds last week, bringing me to 172.2. This is .9 pounds below my April 8 weight, when I started battling the pound that would not get lost. Granted, I did not put up much of a fight … but I’m ready to focus on my goal. In 87 days I will be on a vacation of a lifetime, which includes a hike through a vineyard, a bike ride along the Danube River, and a hike around another German river … not to mention potential runs through gorgeous cities like Vienna and Prague. I set a random goal of weighing 160 for that cruise. To get there at this point, I need to lose about one pound per week, consistently. I can totally do that if I don’t eat junk and stick to my fitness plan. Then I’ll probably gain 5 pounds on vacation 🙂

Since I missed the mud run and Ragnar (boo!) I don’t have any races on the schedule at this point. I’m eyeing the Pumpkin Run, a local 10K in October. I’ve never run a 10K, so that might be fun. Frankly, I’m not looking forward to racing in the summer. Heat sucks. Maybe I’ll just sign up for the winter race series and a spring goal race, and keep the summers low key. Or maybe not. There’s talk of a Milwaukee Marathon for 2015…. 😉

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  1. Oh man the first run post injury can either be awesome or suck. I’m glad yours was awesome. Sounds like you have an awesome training plan worked out. Go you!

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