Humid Hump Day Run

I told myself I was going to wake up early today and run before it got hot and humid outside. But Mother Nature sent us severe thunderstorms overnight and through the morning, so I decided before going to bed last night that I’d skip it.  I didn’t want to be a slacker, though so I went out right after dinner. It was about 73 degrees and 83% humidity. The sun was still shining bright. I set out for a 5K, determined to go slow. And I remembered to take my water.

The first mile was alright (turns out, it was my fastest, even though I felt like I was crawling). The second mile was going ok, but I had to stop to let a car go through an intersection, and I swear that stole my mojo. I took a couple short walk breaks after that. At the 2.5 mile mark, I was mostly in the shade, and started giving myself mini goals to hit. At 2.8, I knew I could run the rest of the way. There was definitely not a sprint to the finish line, but I stuck it out. And I felt like this:

June 18 Run PhotoI’ll be pretty excited if I can run a 43:24 5K (14:00 pace) in August . So maybe that’s my goal. And then perhaps I can shoot for a 38:53 (12:30 pace) at the Run Into The New Year. Yes, I’m already thinking about winter races. If registration opened today for the GLM Winter Race Series, I’d sign up for entire thing and dream of 10 degree weather. I can deal with snow and ice, I guess.

Here are the rest of today’s run stats.

June 18 Pace Chart

June 18 Splits

Weekly Weigh In

It’s not good, folks. I weighed in yesterday morning, and I gained back every single ounce I lost the week prior. This isn’t a surprise. I had way too much of things like this:

Occupaws Guide Dog Graduation Cake

and not enough of things like this:

Asparagus OmeletteThere were days I didn’t track, and I could have gotten more activity in, and I got addicted to garlic sea salt sourdough and sweet & salty peanut butter bars. I’m not acted like a person that is committed to weight loss, which is unfortunate because I’m only half way there. And I ate three of those stupid peanut butter bars today. Stay away from them. They are the devil (and they taste so good).

I haven’t been successfully planning my meals. Either I don’t plan them at all, or I plan them and eat something different just because I feel like it. Like tonight, I was supposed to have a roasted beet salad with a slice of pumpernickel bread for dinner. Instead, I had a pumpernickel grilled cheese sandwich and one of the devil bars. Get it together, Liz…

3 thoughts on “Humid Hump Day Run

  1. That cake looks so freaking good! Boo on having to run in this heat. It has been killer! I’ve been trying to run once the sun goes down and it doesn’t even help :/

    1. A friend told me that once you make it through a summer of running, you feel like a badass in the winter and do a lot better than you did in the summer. Here’s hoping that’s true.

      Thanks for commenting. Just checked out your blog – good luck on the marathon! Is that you running in the header photo? It looks so cool! (and so hard.)

  2. Hot summer runs are evil, but it does make you feel badass for finishing (once you’ve rehydrated and taken a shower!) You look significantly less “Oh my god i’m going to die” than i feel running in this! I’m having similar struggles with the food thing. Too many celebrations that include too many tasty treats. Just gotta keep trying, every day is a new start, right?

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