I Can’t Believe I Ran Today

I had lots of good excuses not to run today. We got hit with a surprise snowfall (well, it was expected, but it wasn’t expected to be this heavy) which turned my reliable 51 minute commute into an hour and 45 minutes. When I got home, I knew I would have to take care of the snow because Aaron had a league championship soccer game tonight. The roads were terrible, and I had chores to do.

But, as soon as dinner was finished, I went out and shoveled. It was very light snow, and it only took me 35 minutes. I logged that and only received 3 activity points. I was still 5 points in the hole, it was only 7:35, the snow had stopped, and the roads really weren’t that bad. So, I changed clothes and headed to the gym.

I only ran two miles, but they were solid miles. During the last half mile, I kept increasing the speed on the treadmill every few minutes and went from 4.0 to 4.4 by the end. Oddly, my splits say that the second mile was slower than the first. Looks like I’m really just using Nike+ to keep track of distance until I can get back out on the road—which is fine, I’m not all that concerned about pace right now.

Running pace chartI still don’t understand why my pace chart looks like this. For about the first 1.5 miles, the treadmill was set to 4.0, then towards the end I kept increasing it.

I’ve already run 20 miles in December! That might not be a lot for most runners, but it’s a nice number for me to see.

I was so excited when I got home. I had earned 6 more activity points, leaving me with 1 remaining activity for the week (weigh in is tomorrow). You know that that means? Fudgesicle!


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Ran Today

  1. NICE WORK! I think getting to the gym when you REALLY, REALLY don’t want to should count as extra calories burned. You burned calories talking yourself into going, right?

  2. Awesome job! It really is a good feeling when you manage to talk yourself into a workout when there’s so much stacked against it. I’ve been having the same problem with the app, I wonder if it’s a bug?

    Also, congratulations on the 20 miles! Feels good to hit numbers like that doesn’t it? 🙂

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