I Did A Speed Workout & Didn’t Die

See this? It’s my first 4×400 speed workout!

4x400 pace chartI did this on the treadmill, so Nike+ was not perfectly accurate, but I did the running intervals at 5.0 mph (yup, that’s sprinting for me) and walked 2.7-3.0 mph in between. For those of you that wonder what on earth 4×400 repeat means (I was one of those people a few months ago), it means you run 400 meters (quarter mile), then walk or jog 400 meters…four times.

I think this was the right speed for me, because I just about wanted to die at the end of the interval, but I was able to recover enough while walking a quarter mile that I could just barely knock out another one. When I was close to finishing (the display said 1.91 mile) I had my finger on the button to decrease the pace and quit…but I refused. I gutted it out, huffing and puffing like a crazy person, and finished.

I posted this picture to Facebook with the caption, “I’m not sure if I punched the 4×400 repeats in the face or if they punched me, but I did them, 25% faster than my normal pace.”

someone or something got punchedWhile I’ve been reading running blogs, this type of workout really intimidated me. It’s not absolutely necessary, because my goal right now is not to get faster, but rather to run farther. However, I have a 2 mile run every Wednesday for the next month, and doing it this way will make it go buy really quickly. If I experience any pain, I’ll back off…but this seems like a good challenge.

Also, I had to wait 20 minutes for a treadmill at the gym. Nonsense! I keep telling myself that if I’m still running when fall starts to fade next year (and I better be), we’re getting a treadmill for the basement.


4 thoughts on “I Did A Speed Workout & Didn’t Die

  1. I hated waiting for treadmills at the gym. Why can’t the elliptical be popular again? I keep telling Hubs we need to get one but he’s not listening. So running in the snow it is.

    Nice work on your speed work. I have NEVER done speed work, but I do like to throw a little bit of sprinting in my regular runs.

    1. We don’t even really have elipticals…we have these weird suspended trainer things that sort of work the same, but you’re hanging in mid air instead of standing on something.

      My husband is super supportive of a treadmill. He doesn’t want to join a gym and thinks he’d actually run in the winter when he gets restless if we had one. I’m just reluctant to spend the money until I’m convinced I’ll use it. I still run outside whenever possible, but right now that’s only when the streets are 90% clear of snow.

    1. I’ve yet to do a temp run, because my “race pace” is pretty much my running pace, which is also my easy run pace….but I can do quarter mile intervals a little faster.

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