I Didn’t Have A Treadmill Run In Me Tonight

I got on the treadmill tonight to do three miles and my legs felt yucky. I don’t know how else to describe it. My lungs were fine. I ran 1/2 a mile, walked a tenth of a mile, ran another third or so….and was done. BUT, I’m bound and determined to stick to my mileage schedule, so I settled into a fast (for me) walk at 3.4 and stuck that out until I had a quarter mile left, and then finished it off running. My heart rate was still up, and I was still covering the distance, so I don’t feel too terrible. I can’t wait for this snow to be gone!

Then it was on to strength. I did 25 crunches, 25 oblique crunches on each side, and 25 transverse ab leg lifts. Then two sets of 15 squat/shoulder presses (realizing now it should have been bicep curls…oops) and two sets of 15 standing rows, both with 8 pound weights. Then two sets of 15 bench presses, and almost two sets of 15 chest flies (turns out I can’t handle 8 pound weights with my left arm for that, yet). Last but not least, two sets of 15 tricep overhead extensions. I didn’t do much with the legs today, but I was really feeling my legs during the fast walking on a slight incline, so I think they’re covered.

So, 3 miles + strength = DONE. Guess what tomorrow is? REST DAY! Woohoo! I’ll be having a steak dinner with my valentine.

February 13 Run PhotoLook – you can sort of see a bicep muscle 🙂

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