I Skipped My Run Today

I had 3.5 miles + strength on the scale today. I did not run. My legs felt pretty tight, and I was feeling a bit lazy, so I convinced myself that I was avoiding possible injury by not running. This is a definite possibility, but it still feels somewhat like a failure to not run. I did, however, do two rounds of the runner’s yoga stretch sequence I used to do after every run. I really need to get back into doing those stretches immediately after my run. For the first sequence, I held each stretch for 10 seconds. For the second round, I held each stretch for 30 seconds. My calves, achilles, and shins definitely needed the stretch.

I also did core work—25 crunches, 25 oblique crunches on each side, and 25 leg raises. I also did two sets of 15 weighted squats, standing rows, bicep curls, and chest flies. I did a few pushups, but I stink at pushups.

Today was not a total failure, but I did not stick to the schedule. I’m sure that the stretching (which I’ll try to repeat tomorrow), and the rest will have me ready for my long run on Saturday—5 miles. I know it was ok to miss today. I’ve read that if you’re doing a 4-run-per-week training schedule, you can occasionally skip one of the weekday runs without adverse consequences. I may need to consider just doing my Wednesday short run as a normal run—not speed work—to avoid straining my muscles from overdoing the intervals.

2 thoughts on “I Skipped My Run Today

  1. Hey, it happens to the best of us. I don’t look at it as being lazy, I think of it as knowing my body and knowing when I need an extra break.

    Does your half training plan call for speed workouts? I know most beginner plans focus on just getting mileage in. I would fully skip speed workouts if I were you! Just get comfortable running a lot!

    1. Umm…..no, the plan doesn’t call for speed workouts. I just got into the habit of doing them on short mileage days when I was stuck on the treadmill all the time. You’re probably right.

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