It Appears I Can Still Run

Forgive me Internet, for I have slacked. It’s been twenty days since my last run. In case you haven’t caught on, it turns out I’m not a giant fan of summer running. But, tonight I was driving home from work listening to Half Size Me, and I just felt lazy. So I decided to get out on the pavement and see what I had in me. It was a gorgeous night (66 degrees, clear, no wind). I put on one of my new Columbia skirts (with shorts underneath), tuned into my Spotify workout playlist, and took off. I was feeling good, and I decided to just go a mile and push it fairly hard.

I hadn’t run a mile under 14:00 since June 15. That day, my first mile was 13:24 and my pace plummeted by over a minute for the next two miles. But tonight, I ran a mile in 13:38. Just the confidence booster I needed.

August 12 Run Photo


My husband is currently downstairs setting up the weight bench, and I’m checking out the race schedule for the Great Lakes Multisport Winter Run Series. I did Run Into The New Year last year (coming in pretty darn close to last), and I’m seriously considering doing the entire race series this year. I won a free entry after taking their survey, so I’ll have to see if I can apply it to a series registration.

Basically, I need some stuff to look forward to. It’s pretty obvious that I struggle to keep up my activity if I don’t have a goal. And my last goal vanished in May when I sprained my ankle and had to pull out of Ragnar. I’m very happy that since then I’ve still lost 5 pounds, but it hasn’t been because of my activity. And I haven’t gotten faster, or built up any more endurance. So, here are some candidates for goals, both short-term and long term.

Strong Candidates

(Give me a day or so to think about it, and I think I’ll commit to these.)

  • Run 3x per week for the next four weeks (until I leave on vacation), with a minimum of 5 miles per week.
  • Complete Stage 1 of the New Rules of Lifting For Women program by the end of October. This requires starting when I return from vacation.
  • Complete an 8-week training program for my first official 10K. I’ll use the Nike+ beginner coach and start on October 6 for my November 30 goal race (The Big Chill).

Ideal Progress

(If I’m still going strong during the middle of 10K training, I should definitely commit to these.)

  • Run all 6 races of the winter run series (5K or 10K is acceptable).
  • Complete Stages 2-5 of the New Rules of Lifting For Women program by St. Patrick’s Day 2015. Obviously, become super buff.

Rock Star Progress

(This is where I really want to be, but I’ll commit in January.)

  • Run a spring half marathon in less than 3 hours.

Oh, and in addition to all of this I really need to finish my dissertation.

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