I’ve Lost 25 Pounds! (And Completed My First Treadmill Run)


Look what I got today!!!

Weight Watchers 25 Pounds Lost

I hit the 25 pounds lost milestone today. Woohoo! I knew last week’s weigh in was a fluke. I made a point to drink a lot of water, and I’d like to think that had something do with it (I also stayed within my points and earned over 30 activity points, so there’s also that…).

Last night I gave in and joined the local Snap Fitness. It was literally zero degrees outside, and our streets were covered in snow. Everyone talks about how terrible running on the treadmill is, but I knew I wouldn’t be braving the frigid weather to run outside. I hopped on a treadmill, raised the incline to 1% to mimic outdoors, and pushed the pace to what I’d been running recently (about 12:30).

That lasted about a minute. I thought running on treadmills was supposed to be easier! I was huffing and puffing almost immediately, and felt like I was working much, much harder than when I run that pace outside. I moved it up to a 13:57 pace, and finished out the first mile (with one or two quick breaks). I did the second mile at 15:00 pace (with another two breaks). This entire time, I was wearing my iPhone on my arm and using my Nike+ app on the treadmill setting. It says I was running an average 12:43 pace the entire time.

I have no idea what is calibrated incorrectly—the treadmill, my Nike+ app, or both…but since I’ve been using Nike+ to measure my outdoor runs, I’m going to stick with it to measure my treadmill runs as well. What matters most is my progress over time, not what the “real” number is.

Now my goal is to run a 5K on the treadmill without having to stop. I’m sure this is more mental than physical, so I either need to find a really engaging podcast, or bring my iPad and watch movies (the gym has wifi, although I haven’t tested it out to see how speedy it is).

Today in our Weight Watchers meeting we got the new Simple Start booklets. I think this is a really great addition to the program, and I’ll probably try it next week. I already used to get ideas for more filling snacks. Are any other Weight Watchers members thinking abuo