January Thaw & A Long Run

After ice-covered roads Friday night and Saturday, the thermometer hit 40 degrees today! I waited until the warmest point in my day to head out for my long run. I saw a few other runners while I was out, and they all seemed as happy as I was to be out on the roads.

I was very happy with today’s run. It was my longest run to date (4.25 miles), and I kept a fairly steady pace. I never stopped to walk, and didn’t even come close to feeling the need to. I didn’t have a route planned out in advance and planned on doing four miles. There was a point where I could have turned home, but I would have come up about .25 miles short. I decided to take a detour and come up long rather than short…and I bet I could have made it to five. However, I’m not trying to hit five miles until I’m officially in half-marathon training mode. Until then, I’m going to focus on finishing my regular runs and feeling good.

January 4 Mile RunOh, and as you can see, the GPS finally works on my Nike+ app. Woohoo!!!

One thought on “January Thaw & A Long Run

  1. Woo hoo, nice job on the long run! I did the same thing with my five miler. I went long because I didn’t want to turn around and be short, I’d rather be over.
    Thank goodness for the thaw, right? Hopefully we get a couple more of those to break up the winter!

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