Last Run Before Race Day

It’s almost here. My first half marathon is in 2 days! I’ll be crossing the starting line in approximately 36 hours. Yesterday, during my lunch break, I got my athlete’s guide for the race in my email. For some reason, I started crying. It finally, finally sunk in that I’m running a half marathon. I’m sure this means I’ll cry when I start, when I finish, and multiple times in between. I’m generally not an emotional person, but I’m about to do something I never in a million years thought I could do. I honestly didn’t think I had the lungs to run any substantial distance. I have asthma, and in school I used that as an excuse not to run in gym class. Turns out, once I got past the uncomfortable wheezy runs in the first two months of running (with my inhaler, of course), it really wasn’t an issue any more. I’ve truly trained my body to work better. After this race, my next task is to strengthen my leg muscles so my knees can take the constant pavement pounding better. I never would have thought it would be my legs, not my lungs, that would give out on me.

The race has a small expo tomorrow, and I took the afternoon off so I could get there in time to attend the last course talk. One of the trainers that worked with some runners before the race is going to go over the course in detail so we know what to expect. Planners like me must really appreciate this 🙂 I’m sure we’ll here all about the giant hill at mile 6.5. The race director has dubbed this “Husband Hill” (this is an all women’s race), because we should tell our husbands to be there to cheer for us so we can make it up.

So….ahhh! It’s really happening! I’ll be sure to have my race report up no later than Sunday night, because I totally want to be included in Katie’s Motivational Monday report on Runs For Cookies.

So, tonight, I went out for a two-mile run, which was the extent of my taper (my last run was the 11-miler on Sunday). We had a heat wave today, which felt great all day—until I went out to run. I started running in late September, so 82 degrees + humidity was a foreign environment for me. Holy sweaty, batman!!

May 8 Run Photo

Given the heat and humidity, I was actually pretty speedy!

May 8 Run Splits

My plan between now and the race is to:

  • Drink lots of water and lay off the soda
  • Consider everything that goes in my mouth a potential fuel source
  • Get 8 hours of sleep
  • Make sure all my race gear is laid out and ready to go before I go to bed tomorrow night
  • Buy bananas so I have my normal pre-run breakfast on Saturday morning

See you on the flip side!

3 thoughts on “Last Run Before Race Day

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes! Good luck! You’re going to kick that race’s butt!
    Enjoy the expo. Have fun. Take it all in. And treat yourself to something especially yummy and carb laden after the race!

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