My Next Long Run Is A Half Marathon!

I made it 11 miles on Saturday!

May 3 Run PhotoDon’t you think my husband could have told me my hair was sticking straight up before I had him take that picture?

I did it. And I felt pretty darn good most of the time. I picked a route that just looped around and around my neighborhood—rarely doubling up, but never focusing on how far I was going…just that I had to keep running. I want to make it through my half without seriously injuring my knee, so I started walking a minute at the beginning of each mile right away (slightly longer if I was consuming fuel). After three miles, I ate a honey stinger waffle (yum!) After six miles, I had some honey stinger energy chews, and stopped at a stranger’s house and asked him to refill my water bottle (you can do that when you live in small towns, I guess). As I ran away from his house, I felt awesome. Miles 7 & 8 made me think I could run a half-marathon like a badass—I was running 14:30 miles, which I’m pretty sure would be an all-out-awesome pace for my race.

May 3 Pace Chart

Then, my knee started hurting, and I took more frequent, longer walk breaks. Two walk breaks in mile 9, three in mile 10. The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure my knee felt better while I was actually running…it’s a soreness I can push through that’s more pronounced when I walk (especially on stairs). I think this is mental, and I hope the race atmosphere allows me to push through it next weekend.

I took two walk breaks in mile 11, and ran the last .3 miles at sub-13:00 pace. Without intolerable pain. I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can do in a race atmosphere.

May 3 Splits


After this run we went to the farmer’s market, I had a protein-packed lunch & showered, we had family picture taken, went out for ice cream, and then attended a Kentucky Derby party. We were home and in bed by 9:30, but for the first time during training I didn’t take a nap after my long run, let alone lay around completely useless for the rest of the day.

If anyone reading this has experienced sore knees while running longer distances, is there something you can do to treat it? Friends have suggested KT tape, or a brace….I’m thinking more about some sort of painkiller, since I don’t seem to be injured.


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  1. Running has helped my knees quite a bit (go figure), but I do get occasional soreness. I try to do knee circles (from Jillian Michaels’s 30-Day Shred warmup…or 2nd grade gym class) as part of my warmup and a chair pose (yoga) for 30 seconds or so post-run. I find both help my knees feel better during and after the run. Occasionally I would also ice them a few minutes a day, post-run. On the very rare occasions I would feel like a painkiller was warranted, I would take naproxen (I think Bayer is the brand-name version, but let’s be real, I always get the generic ones.) Hope some of these help!

    1. Thanks for the tips!I’m very familiar with the 30-Day Shred knee circles. Will try them for sure!

  2. I iced mine after a long run, and took an advil about an hour prior to my halves. I also tried to flex them on my runs when I was walking – hard to explain, but sort of like butt-kickers?

  3. Good luck on your half and watch that knee! I never had any problems with mine until my half marathon this weekend, so just rest it up and do what feels right. You don’t want to try something new only to have it backfire on race day!

  4. I second the pain medicine before your race. Also, maybe a few more walk breaks before the pain starts? Like plan on a walk break at the start of every mile and then through every water stop?
    GOOD LUCK! You are well trained and I know you will kick half marathon butt!

  5. I agree with Sarah on the icing. My knees hurt from when I used to play volleyball, so now I just ice them every time after I do activity: 30 day shred, running, biking, etc. ALWAYS ice after activity whether they hurt or not. For 10+ minutes. The best thing for ice bags: frozen mini lima beans or peas. I used to use peas but I also had peas in there for eating and couldn’t tell which was which…but I loathe lima beans so now those are my official ice bags.

    1. haha…I love the idea of having dedicated knee icing vegetables. The problem is, I like just about everything!

  6. Wooo! That sounds like an awesome run! You’re so gonna kill that half! I’m going to have to agree with everyone else, I just ice my knees after a run preemptively.

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