Pizza, Cookies and Indian Food—Oh My!

When commenting on my lunch choice to a colleague today, I said “I’m on the see how much I can eat while still continuing to lose weight plan.” While that is indeed the core philosophy of healthy weight loss I believe in, the last few days have been more like the see how much JUNK I can eat while still continuing to lose weight plan. And that doesn’t jive with half marathon training, or how I want to fuel my body.

I had cafeteria pizza for lunch twice last week. I went out to dinner with Aaron on Friday, but ate a sensible portion and limited my beverages. I lost weight. It’s Thursday, and I’ve had cafeteria pizza for lunch twice this week. And a Twix bar. And a chocolate chip cookie. And we went out for Indian last night and ordered the meal for two, even though I know that getting a single entree is better for me. Then I ate some of those leftovers for dinner tonight. Oh, and I skipped my cross training yesterday.

I don’t feel bad about this, but I do feel the need to acknowledge it. I just went back and tracked everything, and I’ve used all of my weekly points and five of my activity points…just three days into my week. Before Weight Watchers, I would likely have used this as an excuse to give up on my weight loss efforts. I’d go get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and watch TV, then eat pizza again tomorrow and maybe get two cookies just because.

After over a year on Weight Watchers, that behavior is no longer what I cling to. I accept the fact that for some reason I felt like I needed to inhale fat and carbs for the last two days. I know that I have a 3.5 mile run on the schedule, and I’ll make sure to get to the gym to get it done. Since I chose pizza over my planned lunch today, I already have healthy food in the fridge at work. I’ll recognize that this particular lunch has left me “wanting more,” and I’ll bring a smart snack with me to work (maybe half a Lara Bar). I’ll eat the healthy, home-cooked meal I had planned for last night for dinner on Friday night. And each day this week, I’ll stick to my daily points with an extra point or two here and there that I earn from activity. I’ll drink a lot of water. And I’ll likely stay the same or lose this week, because I’m still on plan, even though I ate junk. I tracked it, I’m not in the red, and I have a plan moving forward.

Life happens, whether you’re losing weight, maintaining weight, or letting your weight balloon out of control. I’m glad I’ve learned to recognize this, accept it, and make choices to return to the path I’ve committed to.

Now, I plan to sit on the couch for another hour, at least, until I go to the gym. 🙂

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