Ran Too Hard

I only had 2 miles on the schedule today. So, I decided to do 4×400’s around my block. I set my Nike+ app to alert me every quarter mile. Conditions were similar to yesterday (30 degrees, black ice in patches), but I felt safe. I did a slow jog for the first .25 mile, killed it on the running intervals (hit about a 10:00 pace), and walked in between them. My overall pace was slightly faster than yesterday, so I was really pushing it on the runs. This is obvious, now, when I sit on the couch wheezing from my asthma and being very cognizant of a sore left achilles. I’m going to stretch it out and hope it’s nothing. I still feel better than I did 6 months ago when all I did was sit on the couch.

February 19 Pace Chart

February 19 RunThis is my “um my leg/knee feels a little icky and I can hardly breathe, but I managed not to quit during the intervals when my lungs were burning” face.

This run reminded me of when I was doing my 5K Runner program. It was all I could do to get through each running interval. The difference this time is that I have months of prior runs to think about, and I know I’ve covered the interval distance as part of a strong finish to a much longer run before. Tonight, I actually had my hand up on my phone so I could see how much of the interval I was going to miss when I quit…but I kept going.

I wasn’t blogging prior to my first 5K…but there were some interesting moments. One that flashed through my head on my run tonight was when I ran in an unfamiliar park in Indianapolis during a business trip and got stuck outside a park gate minutes before it was supposed to open…but it didn’t open…and then it poured rain for over an hour and I eventually backtracked and walked 1.5 miles back to my hotel. Maybe when I have some time on my hands (or I’m procrastinating my dissertation), I’ll do some beginner flashbacks.

Tonight’s post-run fuel was half of a peanut butter cookie flavored Lara Bar. It totally tastes like a peanut butter cookie! We’re apparently already in a state of emergency in preparation for yet another winter storm, which could be snow, ice, rain, or all of the above…so I’m fairly certain tomorrow’s 3.5 mile run will be on the treadmill. Ick.


One thought on “Ran Too Hard

  1. Ugh not more snow! Poor you!
    I feel ya on the overdoing it. My hips were YELLING at me after my run on Sunday. But, sometimes it’s just fun to kick butt while you can.
    I love pre-runner stories! Stuck outside a gate? Yikes! Tell us more!

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