Running In The Cold

I knew I had to run today (my last run was on Monday and right now I’m aiming for three 5K’s a week). When I got home and ate dinner, this is what the weather looked like:

Cold Weather RunningIt wasn’t the 20 degrees that bothered me—rather, the “feels like 8.” So, I complained for awhile on Facebook, and then I suited up. Running tights under athletic pants, long sleeve tech shirt topped with a short sleeve tech shirt and one of my husband’s soccer warm up jackets (I need a proper winter running jacket but I haven’t purchased that gear yet), a head band and gloves. This turned out to be the perfect outfit for this temperature.

I decided to start by running the long way around our block. As soon as I turned west, that 11 mph wind was blowing in my face, so I decided that I would do the entire run around my neighborhood block because it’s mostly north/south.

When my Nike+ app told me I finished my first mile in 12:19, I was amazed. I felt great, even though I normally run somewhere between 13:30 and 15:00 (I’m a beginner!). I decided to try and keep it up for the rest of the run, so I guess that would make this a tempo run?

I was listening to podcasts—first, an episode of Heather Weighs In, and then one of Jillian Michaels’ podcasts. This is only the third run I’ve done with a podcast instead of music. I was very apprehensive about running without music because I thought it helped me with my pace.  But I think the opposite was true; I tried to match my cadence with the beat, and at times that meant I was running slower than I could. Also, my playlist got boring. The podcasts keep my mind engaged. I’m usually listening to something about fitness or healthy eating, so it also motivates me in the moment to keep doing something good for my body. Any good fitness podcasts you can recommend?

Anyway, right about the time I hit mile 2, Jillian was saying that she could never do her own workout videos. She had only tried to do her own workout once, and she felt like she wanted to die. That pissed me off! Most of the days I don’t run, I’m working on making my way through the 30 Day Shred. I feel like I want to die too, but I keep going. Hearing that motivated me to keep running, and even try to pick up the pace.

At mile 2.75, I tried to go much faster. Most people would probably call my normal run a jog, but I finished this out at a true run, and I was huffing and puffing. I knew that each of my splits was between 12:00 and 13:00, because my app announces each mile. I was pretty ecstatic when I saw my 5K time (I stopped at exactly 5K).

December 5 5K RecordI was also very happy with my pace. It was much more consistent then my previous runs have been.

Pace Chart

While browsing the Nike+ site, I saw that it was trending my pace improvement. Look at the improvement between Monday and today!

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.34.10 PM

And finally, my splits. These are the best ever. The first mile is my fasted mile yet.

SplitsI know these are positive splits, but I’m not worried about that at this point.

So, this was an excellent run. Something else awesome happened today. I ran into a coworker that I haven’t seen since before Labor Day (she was on maternity leave). She stopped by my cube later to tell me she was amazed by how much weight I had lost! Looking back in my weight tracker, I’ve only lost about 10 pounds since I last saw her, but it’s great to know that it shows. I’m sure she would notice it more than someone that sees me every day.

My food choices weren’t the best today, but I’m still on target to stay within my weekly points. Back at it tomorrow. The arctic cold is supposed to stay for a few days—it might be in the single digits for my run on Saturday!

(The Holiday Fitness Streak is still in tact, although I took yesterday “off” and just did a lunchtime walk.)



5 thoughts on “Running In The Cold

  1. Congrats on your PR! That is an awesome time. And when I read that bit about Jillian Michaels I wanted to punch her in the face. I HATE the 30 Day Shred (even though I do it) and it makes me mad to think this teeny, tiny SUPER FIT woman wouldn’t even be able to do it. Grrr!

    1. Thanks! When I started the 30 Day Shred the last time, I commented on Facebook that it seems crazy that they never sweat. A friend reminded me that it probably takes them half a day to shoot a segment, and they might not even do a full set of strength moves at one time. It never occurred to me that Jillian hadn’t even tried her own workouts.

  2. Great job!! I’m running my first 5k race tomorrow post baby and your blog is very inspiring. Makes me want to kick butt tomorrow! Keep up the great work!

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