Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K Race Report

It seems odd to write a race report about a treadmill run, but here goes nothing!

On Saturday I joined hundreds of runners around the country to celebrate Katie Foster’s birthday by running the 2nd Annual Runs for Cookies 5K. The format is simple: sign up, run a 5K wherever/however you can, and report your results.

After a pre-race banana, I headed to the gym. I would have much preferred to run this outside, but the streets are still snow covered and the wind was gusting so loud I could hear it in the house. I didn’t have any real expectation for this run. I would have loved to PR, because my 5K time is still dreadfully slow, but I have a very hard time running for more than a mile non-stop on the treadmill. I don’t know if it’s physical or mental, but it’s a persistent problem.

I ran the first mile at a good (for me) pace, and then walked for a minute. Then, I just set small goals (run for 5 minutes) and tried to meet them. There was one moment when I actually ran longer than my mini goal—when “Can’t Hold Us” came on…that’s the perfect race pace song for me (or at least what I want my race pace to be right now).

As you can see from the pace chart, there was a lot of run/walking going on after the first mile.

Runs for Cookies 5K pace chart


This is the third 5K race I’ve run, and for each one I had to run/walk. That’s really frustrating for me, because I can easily run 5K in the neighborhood without stopping to walk. There’s something about racing that messes with my head right now, I guess. Have any other new runners had that problem? Any advice?

Regardless of my run/walking, I finished. This is my “well, I guess it could have been better” face.

Runs for Cookies 5K Finisher Photo

2 thoughts on “Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K Race Report

  1. Do you find that you go out a bit fast when you race? I know that’s something I used to have to hold off on when I first started. Keep to your pace and let people pass you NO MATTER WHAT. You’ll see that you’ll start to pass those same people when they run out of gas at mile 2.
    Running on the treadmill sucks. It’s hard to get lost in a run that way. I like your idea of mini-goals while you run. Good for you!

  2. Oh man, I was really hoping to do this. Unfortunately a chest cold knocked me out this week. I’ve had the same issue with races. I’m running looooong runs (at the time my long runs were 6 miles) and yet at the end of my last 5k I had to walk through the chute (and barely kept from loosing my lunch.) If you figure it out, let me know!

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