Second Verse, Same As The First

Remember in May, when I struggled with losing the same pound for well over a month? The good news is I’m down about 5 pounds from then. The bad news is I’ve been struggling with a new pound of doom for the last month. My weigh ins for the last five weeks have been 168, 169.1, 169.3, 168.2, and 169.5.

But this time, I’m not complaining. I haven’t really been exercising. I haven’t really been eating well most of the time (today was TERRIBLE). But, I think my overall life habits have changed enough in the last two years, that I can maintain my weight without too much trouble. I’m thankful for this, but I’d still like to lose about 30 pounds. I don’t care if it takes two years, though.

Remember, also, when I complained because I didn’t have any clothes that fit? That’s still an issue, but I’m doing something about it. I signed up for Stitch Fix (that’s my referral link—sign up with it and I get a credit). It’s an online styling/personal shopping service that sends you 5 pieces of clothing/accessories to evaluate. You can get a box as often as every 2-3 weeks, or as infrequently as you like (on a regular schedule, or on demand). I hate, hate, HATE shopping, and my husband suggest I do it. I’m going to assume he wanted me to get a nice new wardrobe in a new size, rather than assuming he was trying to insult my complete lack of style.

It will be a month before I get my first package, but that’s fine because I’m going on vacation next weekend! I won’t be posting here, but you can follow along on my travel blog to see what I’m up to. Plans include a lot of active touring, including hikes and bike rides. I’ll need to do that to keep the unlimited food and drink in check.

The weight bench and running shoes will be waiting for me when I get back. As the weather cools, I need to get back on the fitness train. I’m a little weird, in that I tend to do pretty well with weight loss in November and December. Hopefully I can continue that habit this year.

2 thoughts on “Second Verse, Same As The First

  1. Let me know how Stitch Fix goes for you. I tried it once and it made me hate clothes even more than I already do. I’m not sure if I just lied to myself about my measurements or if I’m just not adventurous enough to try new styles. I’m considering trying again or maybe giving GwynnieBee a chance since it’s designed for larger sizes and I don’t have to make a long term commitment to each item.

    1. I got my first Stitch Fix this week, and I kept two of the five items. I think I had over-estimated my shirt size, so two shirts that I really liked were too big. I’ve updated my profile.

      Also, after I had sent some stuff back, I had second thoughts. I probably would have kept more if I had waited the full three days.

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