So Much For Maintenance

I’ve fallen off the wagon. Actually, I think the wagon might be in West Virginia, where I was the last time I was on it. While searching for the wagon, I’ve managed to find five pounds. Ugh.

The plan was to take a break from calorie restrictions, while working weight lifting into my fitness routine. But, I only completed the first week of weight workouts and then proceeded to do nothing in terms of fitness for a month. I followed my 2,000 calorie diet about 80% of the time for approximately two weeks, and then for some reason I started eating like crap. I was eating crap I hadn’t had in any significant quantity in months … grilled cheese, hot dogs, pizza, crab rangoons, fried rice (I know how to make healthy choices at the Chinese restaurant, dammit!). Ben and Jerry’s came into the house twice in a month.

I thought today was completely lost, but according to My Fitness Pal, it’s not. I had a good breakfast, a terrible lunch, terrible snacks, but can salvage it with a healthy dinner (that will actually taste good).

I’ve gotta get back on track. I believe the fatal flaw here was twofold – my mindset (I was thinking “Yay, I’m free!” rather than “Let’s move forward cautiously”) and my commitment (I very often chose to sit on my ass rather than engaging in any type of fitness).

All is not lost. This is a minor setback that can be corrected before the New Year. But, I’m disappointed in myself. My second Stitch Fix came today and my stylist nailed it, but half of the pieces are just a bit too tight. I love them, and I’m tempted to buy them all just so I have a tangible goal to reach.

So, it’s back to planning for a daily 300 calorie deficit, tracking (EVERYTHING), and—most importantly—consciously thinking about why I’m doing this. To live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life. To wear clothes I can buy off the rack (or have shipped to my door). To participate in adventurous travel experiences. And to treat my body the way it deserves to be treated.

My “break” from weight loss did not go as expected. But I can learn from this, and move forward. Starting now, as I walk into the kitchen and assemble my pre-tracked meal that fits within my daily calories. And then I’ll plan the next week of meals, and by golly, I’ll eat them. Because I deserve it.

3 thoughts on “So Much For Maintenance

  1. Live & learn. Remember, you are my inspiration & you will succeed at anything you set your mind to!

  2. A minor setback only! I had the same thing happen in July-August, and I got back on the horse. There’s always some minor setback, but that’s an opportunity to realign and get back on it. Get after it!

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