So This Is What Running Is Supposed To Feel Like

I’m in Austin, TX attending a conference. My need for stress-free packing and desire to have our house somewhat free before leaving meant that I missed my run on Tuesday. Not the end of the world. I didn’t get a chance to blog about it last weekend, but I did get my long run in last Sunday—ON THE TREADMILL—for 5.5 miles. I felt great, and outlasted two people on the machine next to me. The third was well into her run by the time I finished. I had chosen to watch a short documentary on Amazon Instant, and it finished before I was done. Yikes!
March 2 Run PhotoI was supposed to run 4 miles on Thursday, but after getting to Austin, eating lunch around 3:00, picking up conference materials and getting back to the hotel, there wasn’t time to run before it got dark. My husband requested I not run in the dark in an unfamiliar city, which I think is probably a good idea. So, when my last session finished on Friday at 4:30 I dashed back to my hotel to get the miles in before it got dark.

I was excited to try out my “normal” running clothes—just bottoms & a shirt, no jacket or layering required (it was about 65 degrees when I went out for my run). I bought some Under Armour heat gear at the local outlet store on clearance, along with a sweat absorbing headband. I wanted to run along the river, but to get there I had to run a mile through crowded streets. Unless my app timing was way off (I know the distance was spot-on), running through a mass of people—and past a movie premiere—does wonders for my speed. I’ve never run as fast as I ran that first mile!

March 7 SplitsOnce I made it through the streets, I descended a steep staircase to the river, and ran on what was sometimes a paved path, other times dirt or even wood planks in areas that were under construction. It wasn’t exactly flat; downtown Austin is full of hills and the river is no exception. I ran across the river on a path along the interstate to try to run on the other side, only to find that the path was closed, so it became an out and back route. My run ended at the Texas State Capitol, and I felt great!

March 7 Run PhotoI can’t believe that just a few weeks ago, this was my long run. Now it’s easy-peasy. I need to get out and do 6 miles today, but I woke up just a smidge too late to make it in before my mentoring sessions this morning. I’d rather not show up to meet with a senior executive in my running clothes. I would have had plenty of time if it wasn’t for Daylight Saving Time! I have a fairly open schedule this afternoon, so hopefully I can get it in before dark (and if I’m really lucky, it won’t be raining.) I want to run in the opposite direction along the river this time.

On another note, I’ve felt really good about my weight loss during this conference. The last time I had to wear spring clothes I weight about 20 pounds more than I do now. Everything fits nicely, and I am continually surprised about my lack of stomach bulge when I look in the mirror. I haven’t been on a strict diet here—or even tracked Weight Watchers points— but I’ve been mindful of portions, shared desserts, consumed far less beer than I have during previous visits, and in addition to getting my runs in I’ve been walking for miles between sessions and our hotel. Healthy lifestyle, for the win!

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  1. Sounds like, and looks like you’re doing great. Slow & steady wins the race! Keep up the good work 🙂

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