Suck It, Treadmill

I got a Christmas workout in, and I was never alone in the gym (not everyone eats their way through the holidays!). I was bound and determined to gut out a 5K, since I have one coming up next week. I did it (with a few walk breaks), and I even managed negative splits! Turns out the key to lasting for over 3 miles on the treadmill is to start slower. That probably should have been obvious, but I’m still a newbie.

December 25 Run PicAll the treadmills at the gym are the same….except for one. This one is higher off the ground and seems to facilitate a softer landing, at least for me. The belt is louder, but I don’t care. Except for my first night at the gym, I’ve been on this same treadmill every time. It’s in between televisions, so if it’s dark outside I spend the entire time staring at my own reflection in the window directly ahead of me. I definitely know what I look like when I run!

Dec 25 pace chartI ran a mile at 3.8 on the treadmill (yes, that’s running—or at least jogging—for my short little legs), then walked a minute and kicked it up to 4.0….then walked a bit and tried to kick it up a little higher after each walk break. I ended at 4.5. As the pace chart shows, I can actually vary my speed quite a lot when the treadmill is set at a steady pace (by shortening or lengthening my strides). I have a tendency to do that to follow the beat of some of the more powerful songs.
Dec 25 SplitsI felt good tonight. If I can run this distance on Friday & Sunday, then complete my 5K on Tuesday, I’ll just barely break the 40 mile mark for December…that would be the most monthly miles yet, I believe.


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