I’ve Lost 50 Pounds!

It’s Tuesday, and that means weigh in day. Today was a big one. I have officially lost 50 pounds!

Stephen Colbert dancing

I didn’t do that dance, but I sort of wish I did.

During the summer of 2012, I distinctly remember weighing 220 pounds. I played around with MyFitnessPal and tried to run a couple of times, and was down to 210 when I signed up for Weight Watchers on Thanksgiving Eve 2012. Two years later, I weighed in at 169.8 pounds. I’ve lost 22.7% of my body weight. I’m more than half-way to my goal. And I’ve done it without eating “diet food” or doing any crazy workout routine.

I am super proud of myself. I should probably write a really reflective post about this, but not today. Today I’m just happy. I’m seven pounds away from the lowest I’ve ever weighed as an adult. I hiked almost six miles last weekend without wanting to die. I don’t get winded on stairs any more. My allergies have even been better. Life is good right now. In two months I’ll be hiking and biking the Danube River, and loving every second of it.

2011 & 2014 photo

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  1. YAY! That’s so awesome! Your before and after pictures really reflect your hard work. Cheers to you.

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