The Pound of Doom Is Back

Today’s weigh in: +1.3 pounds. Right back up to where I was at the beginning of this month when I wrote about the pound that wouldn’t go away. I have no one to blame but myself. I was the one that didn’t do any running prior to injuring myself on Friday. I was the one that enjoyed the decadent dinner with my in laws on Friday night (which I don’t regret at all):

Farmer's Market Salad
Farmer’s Market Salad: Local greens & sprouts, sunflower, radish, pea, asparagus, chevre, fresh herb vinaigrette
Pinn Oak Ridge Farm Lamb Loin
Pinn Oak Ridge Farm Lamb Loin: Moroccan spice, ancient grains, eggplant, cucumber, apricot mint gremolata, chickpea fritter
Lime Custard Dessert
Lime Custard Dessert: custard, meringue, citrus sauce, apricot, encapsulated basil, micro basil, strawberries

I also was the one who couldn’t limit herself to a single sausage, purchased at the local Sausage Haus and smoked for a few hours in the backyard:

Smoked Sausage
Bratwurst, Polish, and Hungarian sausages

I had to try each one, of course. And some were so good (bratwurst!) that I had a few. Sausages were part of at least one meal on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I’m declaring the rest of the week sausage free.

Both of those things were treats and totally worth it … although I could have limited my sausage consumption more.

The way I ate today, however (jelly doughnut instead of fruit, the dreaded Twix bar in the afternoon), was not worth it. So, I tagged along with my husband to the grocery store and made sure I had the fixings for healthy breakfasts and lunches for the rest of the week. I’ll be having vanilla chia seed pudding topped with cinnamon and banana for breakfast, and three bean salad on a bed of arugula with carrots and guacamole for lunch. Lunch is out on Friday with some coworkers, and Friday dinner is another decadent “totally worth it” meal at Next in Chicago to celebrate Aaron’s birthday. Given my slip-up today, my meal plan on Friday, and my bum ankle, I will consider it a victory if I maintain my weight until next Tuesday. Then I really need to kick this pound to the curb for good.

I’m considering doing the 30 Day Ab Challenge (although I refuse to join the Facebook event with 1 million+ attendees—that’s just asking for spam) starting June 1. Is anyone else doing it? I think it might be a good intro to strength training while I’m still rehabbing my ankle. I’m also rethinking my race plans for the fall—I want to keep running, but I think the garden is going to demand more of my time on the weekends, and I’m not a huge fan of running more than a few miles in the heat. That makes half marathon training sound like drudgery, rather than fun.

2 thoughts on “The Pound of Doom Is Back

  1. Oh crap to the pound coming back. At first I read that as “decadent dinner BY my in laws” instead of “with” and I was super impressed that your in laws cook such fancy food!
    Is there a 10K in your area in the fall? It’s a better distance if you don’t want to do super long runs in the heat. Just something to think about.
    Good luck with the healthy breakfasts!

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