The Pound That Refuses To Get Lost

I haven’t been writing much about weight loss lately. Perhaps that’s because this is what my weight tracker looks like:

Weight Watchers eTools Weight Tracker

If graphs aren’t your thing, maybe this will get the point across:

Weight Watchers eTools Weight Tracker Table

Since March 25, I’ve pretty much been gaining and losing the same pound. It’s not hard to figure out why. In the last 4 weeks I’ve only tracked my food 14 days. And, I’m pretty sure there were days in there where I veered off course and didn’t track 100% accurately.

Now, I’m ELATED that I still weigh pretty much the same that I did seven weeks ago. At least I haven’t gained (I probably have the running to thank for that). But if I want to get to goal (which is at least 35 more pounds below where I’m currently at), I need to be more disciplined. I set a goal earlier this year to be at 160 before I go on vacation on September 6. That’s four months from today. Four months to lose 14.6 pounds…during prime ice cream season. That’s 3.65 pounds per month, or approximately .9 pounds per week. It’s doable, but would require discipline.

Discipline does NOT look like taking a delicious, home quinoa chickpea salad for lunch (like this)…

Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas and Kalamata OlivesBut then making impromptu plans to go out to lunch. To the Indian buffet. And taking two trips up to the buffet followed by FOUR SCOOPS of mango ice cream. Nope, that’s not disciplined. At least I ate the salad for dinner. Oh, but then I had two pieces of Aaron’s pizza. BAD LIZ!

In all seriousness, work (while continuing to be awesome), has gotten increasingly stressful, and I believe that’s led to some of my less-than-stellar eating habits. I’ve also been skipping the unofficial Weight Watchers meetings at work. So, Internet, I’m telling you that I need to be back on track. I will log my food daily, and I will schedule walk breaks into my day to help increase my activity and reduce my stress. I would like to weigh in next Tuesday at 173.7 so I know I’m on track to hit my goal.