Tools For Weight Loss Success: Dish Up In The Kitchen

In a recent Weight Watchers meeting, we were asked to consider a new routine we wanted to add to our life. One of the routines was something like “think twice before reaching for seconds.” When I read that, I realized I’ve started eating my meals in a way that makes seconds a non-issue.

I often cook large portions, even though there are only two of us eating dinner. We like leftovers for lunch and weekends, and if I can spend an hour making 8 servings or 2, I’ll choose 8 every time!

However, I’m never tempted to go for seconds because we don’t put the extra food on the table. Yup, we dish up our food right next to the stove, making sure we have appropriate portions on our plate before we sit down at the table to eat. I often have my food scale handy so I’ll know that I’m eating 3 ounces of steak and 150 grams of potatoes, for instance. What makes it to the table is what I’m planning on eating.

If there are leftovers, they are often already in a tupperware container by the time we sit down. If I’ve made something in a pot or large pan (like a soup, stew, or stir fry), I’ve already run it through the Weight Watchers recipe builder and indicated how many servings I intend for the recipe to make. However, it’s impossible for me to know the actual serving size unless I know the weight or volume of the total dish. To do this efficiently and without making a mess, I use a 1-cup ladle to transfer my soup/stew to a large storage container, or put the entire stir fry on the scale to get the total weight. Then I just need to divide by the intended number of servings to know how much food to put on my plate.

I’ve never needed to go back for seconds when I use this technique. Occasionally my husband will, but he’s allowed to eat whatever he wants 🙂

So, if you’re struggling with adding additional food to your plate during meal times, try taking the serving dishes off the table and portioning your food directly onto your dinner plate.

Have you tried this technique? Do you have any additional tips & tricks?

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2 thoughts on “Tools For Weight Loss Success: Dish Up In The Kitchen

  1. That is an awesome idea!
    If I finish my meal and think I’m still hungry I go with the “drink some water and wait five minutes” plan. Nine times out of ten I’m full by the time that happens. And if I’m not, I add a little more to my plate.
    Thanks for the tips!

    1. I pretty much never go back for seconds now (unless it’s vegetables). If I’m still hungry (or just want to keep eating), I wait for a bit and then have a snack/dessert. Last night was sweet & salty popcorn 🙂

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