Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

Tuesdays mean two things: first run of the week, and a Weight Watchers weigh in.

Last one first…I’m down another 1.1 pounds, even after eating every single one of my daily, weekly, and activity points (and 7 points I didn’t really have. oops). I’ve made a conscious effort to refuel after my runs, and although that is a pointy snack (5 points), I think it’s helping with my metabolism and recovery. The receptionist at Weight Watchers asked me to speak up when I got my five pound sticker and tell everyone how many points I’d been eating. Hopefully that will inspire others to stop depriving themselves.

I had a great day at work today, came home to a super easy chicken taco salad dinner, and lounged around until my tummy settled. I went to check out my training schedule and was slightly surprised to see 3.5 miles on it. I’ve been running 3 miles every Tuesday for the last two months. I had to tack on a whole other half a mile?!?!?! 🙂 I dressed for the weather (long sleeve wicking shirt + tech shirt and pants), stepped out onto the porch and promptly came back for one of my lighter fleeces. It was already dark, and it definitely felt chilly.

For the entire first mile I was running on pretty dark streets (why weren’t the street lights on?), and the melted snow was just starting to freeze, so I think I was running on my toes more than normal. I can definitely feel it in my calves. I thought for sure I was moving at a snail’s pace, so I was pretty surprised when the voice in my ear announced my first mile at 13:41. I was running a familiar route, so I knew the distance was correct. Wow. I promptly took a short walk break 🙂

I walked once per mile for about .05 miles, but still managed to keep my overall pace at 13:54. I know my goal is distance and not time related, but it’s nice to see my pace improve. It probably doesn’t hurt that I’ve lost 16 pounds since I started running.

This run felt great. Can’t wait for the snow and ice to be gone for good!

February 18 Run PhotoOne last thing. Although the main purpose of this blog is to chronicle my journey to a fit & healthy lifestyle, I wouldn’t be opposed to it generating some income at some point. So, I’ve created a page that showcases the running-related gear and entertainment I use and like. Each product links to Amazon, and anything purchased through the links on my page will generate a small commission for me, and cost nothing extra for you. Check it out if you want (you can use the My Favorite Products link on the top bar to get there at any time).

I’ve also added some contact information and details about what types of products I’d be willing to review on this blog (which would hopefully result in a giveaway for my readers). Last, but not least, I’ll probably be applying to join an ad network once the blog hits its 3-month anniversary. If any of these additions every get annoying, please tell me.

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    1. Thanks! Sure didn’t feel easier when I did my speed workout tonight, but I guess that type of workout is supposed to be hard.

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