Weekly Workout & Meal Plan

I’m feeling good about our meal plan for this week. Everything is pretty easy to put together, makes for good leftovers for lunches, and is planned around the fuel I’ll need for my runs.


Morning glory muffin (subbed out half the flour for whole wheat), light string cheese, mandarin orange


Spinach & chickpea stew (leftover from Sunday’s dinner), 1/2 cup quinoa, carrots, black bean hummus. Will sub out for lentil stew later in the week.


Monday: Cheesy baked pumpkin pasta, salad with garlic olive oil, milk
Tuesday: Mushroom ravioli (from the farmers market) with olive oil, peas & parmesan cheese, broccoli, milk
Wednesday: Chipotle salmon burgers with sriracha mayo on a light english muffin, roasted potatoes, corn
Thursday: Lentil stew, white rice, milk
Friday: Smoked salmon spaghetti with chili & lemon, broccoli, milk


Monday: “Stretch & Strengthen” – I think I’m going to find some type of flexibility-promoting yoga video online and do a Runners World strength workout video I saw advertised in the new issue
Tuesday: Run 3 miles
Wednesday: 2 mile speed workout (4x400s)
Thursday: Run 3 miles; strength (will probably do a core workout & a circuit of a few weight machines at the gym)
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Run 4 miles (I’d really like to do this outside, but it looks like roads will still be snow-covered)
Sunday: 30 minute cross train (I’ll probably go do the bike or elliptical at the gym)

Do you have your week all planned out? What are you eating/doing?