Weighing My Fitness & Weight Loss Priorities

Admit it, you like the pun in the title of this blog post.

I know prioritization is important, but what I don’t know is this: How many priorities can I have? Regardless of where they stand at the moment, I want the following things to be a priority in my life:

  • Health & Wellness (includes good eating habits, fitness, quality sleep, and weight loss)
  • Kicking ass at my job
  • Finishing my Ph.D.
  • Spending quality time with my husband
  • Developing my “side hustle” (writing, speaking, teaching, etc.)
  • Traveling
  • Eating amazing food at awesome restaurants
  • Growing & cooking my own food

So, is this a lucky 7? Or the 7 deadly priorities?

Honestly, I don’t get overwhelmed trying to do it all … I get overwhelmed thinking about doing it all, or writing out a schedule. Maybe Nike is on to something with the whole “just do it” thing…

And with that, I’ll send this idea off to the internet, because done is better than perfect.

2 thoughts on “Weighing My Fitness & Weight Loss Priorities

  1. My favorite mantra is “when there is a will there is a way!” You go for it and Just Do It! All the pieces will fall into place.

  2. I like that you have a “side hustle”.

    Just getting it written down and out there is a step in the right direction. I love all of these things and love that they are so doable!

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